Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday's

Well it's another HOT DAY in Tennessee!

This is what it really felt like yesterday!!!!

I should have a quilt done by tomorrow, you can see it on;

It is a quilt that my mom made. It takes longer to quilt since she makes queen size quilts. I love the colors though. I have 2 more queen size quilts of hers to quilt and one jelly roll quilt I made her. Then I have a few for me to quilt. Boy it would be nice to have a quilting machine that went a little faster then my small one.

HINT! HINT! Mom if your reading this.
This next week it should be easier to get some quilts done with both boys in school and no one to bother me at home. That's my Monday to do list!
Everyone have a nice weekend.

"I've Gone Quilting"

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