Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday's

It's been a busy week and I wish I could say it was because I was SEWING!! But sadly to say it was not. I have start on a new quilt this week.Never worked with plaid, so it took me awhile to figure out what I was going to do with it.
It is still in strips, I still have to sew it.
 You can see I didn't get to far with this quilt, but it is on the quilting frame! My boys had Lego's all over my kitchen table this week, that's where I lay my quilts out and roll them up to go on the quilting frames.
I finally had them put their table together for their Lego's, this is only 1/8 of what they have. They love Lego's, I told they the perfect job for them is to get a job at Lego Land at Disney. If you have ever never been there this is what you would see. 
Out side they have huge statues of Snow White, Woody from Toy Story ect.....

Ok but back to quilting!! I have been going into different quilting blog's all this week (when my computer was working) and I have seen some beautiful quilts in every blog I have gone into!!!! You know the show America has Talent, that's what I have seen in these quilting blog's that I have looked at this week. It is just overwhelming and everyone has a different look for a quilt. The blocks might be the same but that person has put their on mark on that quilt that makes it so different. Also I can sit in my home and go to Australia, Norway, California, Idaho, Texas, North Carolina, New York and the list goes on. I can see the beautiful quilts, blocks, crafts that are being made, Oh lets not forget the AMAZING FABRIC that is out there. I just feel so blessed to be included in this talent of sewing. Thanks to my mom and her cousin Margie for teaching me how to take a piece of fabric and making it into something beautiful.


  1. It is amazing to see all the beauty out there in the quilt blogs. Have you discovered Pinterest yet? It lets you capture pictures that you see on blogs and keep them on virtual "bulletin boards" to review later. Check it out - you'll have to ask for an invitation on their website, but it'll come -and it's a great way to keep a log of things you'd like to make someday!

  2. My boys were Lego freaks, too. When my neighbor's son got old enough - they received boxes of lego land. Yes, lots of eye-candy all over and love to see 'self-interpretation' with quilt alongs.

  3. I love blog surfing and seeing the differnt quilts and fabrics. Definitly a very neat feature of living in the internet age.
    ~Kimberlee (
    PS - I love how your 'stacked coins' look against the plaid. very neat!

  4. Just stopped in from Quilting Bloggers and have enjoyed looking at your quilts and blog while trying to beat the summer heat (close to 100 F. in Tunisia today). I so agree with you about the wide variety of quilts and blogs out there, just at your fingertips so to speak. It's a quilt show everyday! Thanks for sharing
    Best, nadia