Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Many Quilts

How do you choose on what quilt to do next. I was at my moms house this past weekend just organizing her quilt room. We have so much material to last us both for years. Her cousin Margie past on 3yrs ago and she was a quilter for years. Margie and my mom where the reason I started quilting. There soon was not going to be any quilters in the family and that's a trade that needs to be past down to every family. So many quilt books, so many patterns that where made from newspaper and paper sacks. I found some cuttings with newspaper on the back, finally found a date from The San Antonio Newspaper  1934. How cool, that was from great grandmothers patterns. But getting back to how to choose whats next. I always choose my fabric and colors then choose a pattern. Then I can't wait to get finished, because oh there is all this pretty fabric that would make my next quilt.
Well I'll be back soon. Let me hear how you got stared in quilting.

I've Gone Quilting

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  1. Well, I think you know how I got started quilting, since we quilt together! But just in case, I really got started about a year and a half ago when a group of ladies in our church made a comfort quilt for a young woman recently diagnosed with cancer! No one in my family really quilts, so it's the start of a tradition for us!